Main point of establishment of the Iwakura Study Society
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The Iwakura Study Society was founded mainly by megalith researchers and enthusiasts, and the main focus is to call all general megalithic structures "iwakuras" and to spread the term to make it an internationally recognized word.
At our study society the majority of members are enthusiasts rather than researchers.
There is a big reason for that. Within the currently established academic circle, excluding a few scholars, most of the members do not consider iwakuras as part of the research of archeology. Especially regarding iwakuras as a scientific heritage of ancient civilizations, there are virtually no scholars who believe this.
It is true that megalithic research is a field that is difficult to define as a field of study. With the Oyu Stone Circles,the time period can be determined by the excavation stratum.
However, with the megaliths that are scattered deep in the woods, it is not a simple task to determine if they are natural or manmade structures, much less the usage purposes. No one can tell.
However, research on megaliths has been gaining interest in the world recently, and the theory of Stonehenge in England being used as an astronomical observation device is now pretty much an established theory.
In Japan as well, there has been detailed megalithic research on what is presumed to be a calendar apparatus, and is featured in the Iwakura Study Society's publications.
This study society is a place to freely debate, research, and present ideas. All research is welcome, as long as the quality is good.
In any event, we are confident that all participants will be able to find infinite possibilities within this place.
イワクラ(磐座)学会会長 渡辺豊和  2004年春 (2015年改訂)
Watanabe Toyokazu   The 2004 year spring(2015 year revision)
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